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Not Even Human (Inhumane Edition) Trailer (16KB C64 Cartridge Version) (8580 SID)

By rgcdTags C64, Not Even Human, RGCD, Retro GamingDate Added 03/03/2012Views 982Flag as inappropriate

Promotional video for Not Even Human - Inhumane Edition, a new Commodore 64/128 game cartridge available to purchase from:


Not Even Human has been tested as NTSC/PAL compatible, and will even work in a limited fashion on the Commodore GS (two player only, no colour changing options).

Video Credits:

Heavy Stylus (Video)
Conrad (8580 SID Soundtrack - yes, all the sound was done on a C64!)

Game Credits:

Enthusi (Code)
Ptoing (Graphics)
Conrad (Sound)
Heavy Stylus (Playtest)

Cartridge Credits

Enthusi (Code)
Heavy Stylus (Organiser)
Tim Harris (Hardware Supply)
WizardNJ (NTSC Testing)
ILkke (Box Artwork)

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